Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday - October 25th

October 25th

Today in class we worked on the following areas:
Warm up question:
Friction acts in a direction __________________ to the direction of the object’s motion
____________: a force that opposes motion
After warm up:
Students viewed a review video on forces via STUDY JAMS.  Students took an assessment on the video after reviewing the video:

After Study jams video:
Introduction to Gravity via PPT: The PPT will be on the blog labeled Gravity PPT. (SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BLOG) :)

We will finish the completion of the notes tomorrow in class.
Homework Assignment: USA TEST PREP PRACTICE (Gravity) Due next Wednesday (However students were advised not to wait until next Wednesday (11/02) due to there being at least 10 12 practice activities which are short, but should not be done next Tuesday evening)

Period 7 will be assigned the USA TEST PREP Assignment on Wednesday, 10/26/16.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 24th - Monday

Warm Up:
Friction Review Questions
After friction lab:
Vocabulary Review Chart
Exit Ticket: How does friction affects us in our everyday lives?
      Four square on friction and Quizlet practice on the blog.

Write the words down in your ISN to verify that you completed the activity: Please click on the different links  under the headings study and play.

October 17th- October 24th

This week’s focus: Friction
Prior to the video, complete the anticipation guide on types of friction:
Notes on Friction:

          A push or pull is called a force.  Force may give energy to an object, causing it to charge direction, to stop moving or to start moving. 
          An example of a force that occurs in nature is gravity.  Gravity pulls you to the ground.  A force that is applied by a machine could be a car.  The engine moves the car when you apply pressure to the gas pedal.  A force that is applied by you would be running.  You are pushing against the ground as you run.


          The force that opposes the motion of an object would be called friction.  Friction occurs when two objects are in contract with each other and moving against one another.   Three kinds of friction are sliding friction, rolling friction, and fluid friction.
          Sliding friction occurs anytime that there are two solid surfaces sliding over each other in the opposite direction.  The three factors that cause sliding friction are weight, type of surface (texture), and the amount of the surface (area).
          Rolling friction occurs when an object rolls over a surface.  Comparing sliding friction to rolling friction, sliding friction is greater than rolling friction because there is a smaller friction area.
          Fluid friction occurs when an object moves through a fluid.  Fluid is any liquid or gas.  Oil, water or lotions are examples of this.  Lubricants are substances the change sliding friction to fluid friction by means of oil or greases.  Friction is not always harmful! Sometimes it can be helpful when it stops the motion.


Balanced forces are forces acting in opposite directions that are equal, they cancel each other out.  There is no motion between forces that are balanced.  Balanced forces do not cause a change in motion, therefore if there is motion nothing is being done to it. So this would keep an object at constant velocity. 

          5N     ────→
                                                = 0 N
                   ←──── 5N

Unbalanced forces are not equal forces acting in opposite directions or equal and unequal forces acting in the same direction.  The net result of unbalanced forces that are opposing is that the movement goes in the direction of the larger force.  In the event of unbalanced forces that are in the same direction the net result is that they would add together.
          10N ─────→
                                                =  ───→5N 
  ←─── 5N

          10N ────→
                                                = ───────→ 20N
          10N ────→
Homework:  Friction Reading Sheet
Friction Lab

Homework: CK-12 Types of Friction: Was due by Friday, extended until Monday 10/24